About Academy
Z-POP Star Academy is a new form of entertainment academy which aims to make raw talents into versatile entertainers through proper curriculums and various subjects. Anyone who wants to be a star in the entertainment world can enter the academy.

Hands-on training

You can witness a solid training system that educates students to be strong on real-life situations through K-POP instructors, who are based on strong K-POP background, supervisors, weekly/monthly tests and one-on-one training for candidates who completed 12 weeks of training.

Professional Management The DREAM Plan System

The trainees who are selected through the internal audition will have the opportunity to participate in the The DREAM Plan System for professional management.

Various Curriculums

There are various curriculums such as tailor-made one-on-one lessons and group lessons. Each student will be trained with appropriate curriculums.

Education beyond basic courses

The DREAM Plan System, mentoring from current stars, special lectures on image making, and extracurricular lectures will be provided to the students.

Personal Intensive Training that leads to students’ DREAMs

“We, Z-POP Star Academy, provide an education helps student to reach out to their goals with systematic and professional curriculums.”

  • - Provide opportunities to have on-stage experiences from various programs and performances
  • - Analyze the latest trends in entertainment industry that are affiliated with our company
  • - Provide opportunities to participate in auditions of various kinds of entertainment agencies
  • - Introduce a unique system that actually cares for each trainee's future, The DREAM PLAN
  • - Professional management system will be provided for trainees selected from internal audition

Brief selection process

For trainees who are selected through the internal audition, they can achieve their dreams faster by producing their own albums.

  1. Matching producers for each student

    Individuals can pick their own music genre and make a team with the best producers who are appropriate for each music genre.

  2. Concept Directing

    Every concept for their album will be customized individually and analyzed with artistic aspects and latest trends.

  3. Album Release, Distribution and Public relations

    After the album productions, presale marketing, distribution for the music streaming websites, and strategic promotion will be proceed.


Weekly/Monthly tests by the current entertainment companies

We introduce weekly/monthly hands-on examinations to evaluate students’ abilities. Furthermore, we supervise students through personal consultations with the professionals to help them to pass the actual auditions from entertainment companies.

  • - Actual producing team and trainers from entertainment companies will be participating.
  • - Consultation on individual’s strengths and weaknesses after the test.

Weekly/Monthly tests by the current entertainment companies

The academy will provide students chances to prove their ability regularly. Through these opportunities, students can experience various stages and prepare many kinds of performances

1. Live Performance at the academy
Students can invite their friends and families to evaluate their performances, and show different aspects of their abilities such as stage presence.
2. Busking or Street Performances of the Winner
The winner of the weekly/monthly tests will get the chance to have a street performing (Busking). Moreover, the winner will be publicized through media, and the performance will be filmed for online marketing.
3. Regular Performances every 6 months
A concert hall will be rented and performed with session musicians.

The Real Training System

For those who want, we provide weight control, rhetorical training, and etiquette training for students. These trainings are actual training systems adapted from entertainment agencies.

Weight Control
  • - Weigh-in every week
    (BMI ranges)
  • - Dietary management
Speech Training
  • - Rhetorical training
    (Public speaking)
  • - Pronunciation training
Basic Manners
  • - Mind control
  • - Proper casual greeting

Monthly Lectures by Actors and Actresses / Choreographers / Fashion Stylists / Make-up Artists / Idols

to motivate students and help them to have strong wills for their goals.

Special mentors affiliated with our company

Actor Jun Ho Jung / Choreographer Ju Sun Lee (PSY's main choreographer) / Idol Wanna.B / Idol Lipbubble, and etc.

Professional Members

Ju Sun Lee

Z-POP Star Academy's Chief Executive Z-POP Star Academy led by PSY's main choreographer. Ju Sun Lee

- 2015 Digital Single Album [Du ru wa]
- Gaon Chart K-POP Awards for Best Choreography 2013
Work Experiences
  • - professor of the broadcasting dance department in Korea International College of Arts
  • - Leader of choreography team 'Maria'
  • - Created horse-riding dance of PSY's "Gangnam style"
  • - PSY's main choreographer
  • - Choreography for GOD, UN, Chang Jung Im, etc
  • - Choreography of Zest's "Yesterday's Story"
  • - Choreography of Zest's "Give Me a Chance"

Kyeong Jun Park(SHUN)

Z-POP Star Academy main vocal director

  • - Main vocal of ZEST
  • - 2014 Zest 1st single album Yesterday Story
  • - 2015 Zest 2nd My All
  • - Zest-Z Unit album Give me a Chance
  • - CJ Nanum M Junior Track Vol.5 A Day in Seoul
  • - Won Fitness Model Awards 2015 New Boy band