MOA signed between Zenith Media Contents and Pops Music Vietnam; they will hold the Z-POP DREAM Audition together

18 September, 2018

[Zenith News = Reporter Kwon Gu-hyun] Zenith Media Contents, a general entertainment company, which manages actor Bo Seok Jung, Bo Jung Kim, Ik Han Jung and idol groups Wanna.B, Lip Bubble and so on, has signed the MOA with Pops Entertainment Vietnam. Zenith Media Contents (the CEO, Jun Kang) and Pops Music Vietnam (the CEO, Esther Nguyen) signed the MOA at the headquarters of Pops Music Vietnam on 14th Sep. (local time) The MOA aims to mutual bind to cooperate Z-POP DREAM Project. Z-POP DREAM Project is a global audition in 10 countries in Asia based on online platform which uses virtual money for voting systems and purchasing markets. Under the MOA, Zenith Media Contents and Pops Music Vietnam will cooperate on Z-POP DREAM audition at Pops Music Hall, Vietnam on upcoming 30th Sep. Zenith Media Contents is a general entertainment company leading the K-POP syndrome and creating collaborations with local and international partners for exchanging various cultures and contents of Korea currently, it produces various contents such as albums and TV shows. It also manages singers, actors and actresses, and holds online media, Zenith Global News. Pops is a digital entertainment company creating collaborations with local and international partners through the production, distribution, audience building, digital rights protection and monetization of licensed digital content and has its affiliate in Thailand. Jun Kang, the CEO of the Zenith Media Contents, said "We will give full support to promote cultural exchange between Korea and Vietnam, and to establish an advanced training system for K-POP in Vietnam. Through this MOA, another bridge has built for the success of the Z-POP DREAM Project.” Photo by Zenith Media Contents Source: Zenith Global News (