Zenith Media Contents-T Town and Superstar Academy in Thailand; will hold Z-POP DREAM Global Audition

11 September, 2018

[Zenith News=Gu Hyun Kwon] Zenith Media Contents (the CEO, Jun Kang), T-TOWN (the CEO, Kok), and Superstar Academy College of Arts (the CEO Poom) has signed the trilateral agreement of a global audition and local academy which are the main business of Z-POP DREAM Project at Superstar Academy in Thailand on September 7th (local time). The agreement was reached for a smooth cooperation of Z-POP DREAM Project. Z-POP DREAM Project is a global audition held in 10 different countries and regions in Asia based online platform, and it is possible to vote and purchase using blockchain. Zenith Media Contents will hold Z-POP DREAM Global Audition with T TOWN and Superstar Academy College of Arts at Superstar Academy on October 19th. Also, these three companies will find Z-POP star in Thailand and manage, train selected people. Zenith Media Contents is a general entertainment company leading the K-POP syndrome and creating collaborations with local and international partners for exchanging various cultures and contents of Korea.Currently, it produces various contents such as albums and TV shows. It also manages singers, actors and actresses, and holds online media, Zenith Global News. T TOWN is a entertainment company which is ran by Kok, a famous singer-songwriter and a producer in Thailand. Superstar Academy College of Arts is a best star training school in Thailand and it has official art school license (high school, college department). Jun Kang, the CEO of the Zenith Media Contents, said “We will find and nurture hidden talented people in Thailand by active collaboration of three companies. Through this agreement, another bridge has built for the success of the Z-POP DREAM Project.” Photo= Zenith Media Contents Source: Zenith Global News (http://www.zenithnews.com)